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  • William Egly, Unsung Hero of the Lower Laguna Madre

    In 1895, William Egly transferred from the Lydia Ann (Aransas Pass) to take over the role as Principal Lighthouse Keeper at the Port Isabel Lighthouse. The Egly’s had relatives in the Rio Grande Valley. There is a record of at least one visit in 1893 during which time the Egly’s stayed for several weeks and […]

  • Capture Giant Sea-Cow

    Monster Taken by Fishermen Weights 3,000 Pounds and is Twelve Feet Long. This story is one of those tales from the sea that fed the traveler’s imagination! The capture of the Manatee nearly caused the death of one local angler in the fray. Reprinted from an article in a Baxter Springs, Kan. newspaper in 1912. […]